Munger Theater              50 people on rounds, 88 theater style

Mezzanine                      50 people on rounds, 125 standing

Tower                             35 people standing

Veranda                         75 people seated, 120 standing

Museum Floor                150 people seated, 250 standing



Venue Pricing & Payments:

What is the Rental Fee?

Please click the "Pricing" tab at the top



What do I need to do to book the venue?

A signed agreement, event deposit, security deposit and credit card on file is required to secure the date.

Dates are not held until we receive the above items, and we cannot notify you if someone is looking at your requested date.

The event deposit is 50% of the total venue rental fee.

The security deposit is $500, refundable after the event if there are no damages.

All deposits and payments are non-refundable at the time which they are due.



When is payment in full due?

Thirty (30) days out from your event



What is Included in the Venue Rental?  

What does the venue rental price include?

(15) 60" round tables

(8) tall cocktail tables

(150) Black folding chairs


Existing audio visual capabilities

Prep kitchen for caterers

Existing electrical outlets for bands/dj's and any audio/visual needs

The "Ranger" boat for photo opportunities or on-ocean ceremony (subject to crew availability, and weather/tides permitting).



Can I hold my ceremony on site?  If so, is there an additional ceremony site fee?

Yes, you can hold your ceremony on site anywhere you like, and there's no additional site fee



Are Bride and Groom dressing suites available?

The Library is an ideal dressing suite



How many hours do I get the venue for my actual event when my guests are on property?

You can rent the space for either a 9 hour event block or a 15 hour event block.  In both instances, you may choose to use those hours however you like - but all set up and break down time must be included within that time block.


Does the venue provide heat lamps and umbrellas?

No, those will have to be rented

Food & Beverage:  

Do you provide any food and beverage, or full-service package?

Food and beverage is not provided by the venue, however please inquire about full-service packages where we've partnered with other caterers.



Can I bring in my own wine, beer and hard alcohol?

Yes, you can bring in your own wine, beer and alcohol, however it must be served by a licensed bartending service or catering professional.



Are there any kitchen facilities my caterer or I may use?

Yes, we have a prep kitchen with a sink and running water, trash cans, and prep tables.  There are (4) burners but no oven.  There is no on-site refrigeration available.



What else should I know about bringing in Caterers and Bartending Services?

All food and alochol brought in must be provided by a licensed Caterer or Bartending Service.

Proof of insurance from the Caterer/Bartender must be provided a minimum of 1-month out from the event date

The set up of Museum tables and chairs must be done by the Caterer or Bartending Service.

Whenever alcohol is served, you must obtain a one-day catering license.

A Caterer or security monitor must be be staffed and stationed at the entrance to ensure alcohol does not leave the property.




Vendors, Set-up & Break-Down

Does the venue provide an on-site coordinator?

No, a coordinator is not provided.  However, we'll have event monitors present to open and close the museum as well as present during the entire event if there are any questions related to the event space.



Am I required to hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Yes, all weddings are required to provide a professional, and insured, Day-Of Coordinator.



What time can vendors arrive for set up?

Anytime within your rented time block.



What time does break-down need to end and all vendors off property?

All set up and break down must fall between your 9 hour or 15 hour event time block.  Additional set up and break down hours are available for $250 per hour.



Is on-site parking included?

Paid parking is available through the city parking lot, however Valet Parking is strongly encouraged.  Please call Signature Parking at 805-969-7275.



Is a dance floor included?  If not, what are the requirements?

A dance floor is not included, and if there will be dancing at your event, a dance floor is required.  All deliveries, set up and break down must fall within your time block.



Are open flame candles allowed?

Candles are allowed outside on the Veranda, but not anywhere inside the Museum building.



What other restrictions are there on decor?

The following items are not allowed inside the museum: Glitter, rice, birdseed, latex balloons, thumtacks, nails, glue, clear tape, confetti, fog machines, dry ice, popcorn machines, mylar baloons, live potted plants, bamboo, wood chips, cocoa shells, soil in cut flowers or potted plant displays.



What time is the amplified music curfew?

12pm Midnight



Are there any photogrphay restrictions?

Only near the displays that state "no flash photography"



Is Audio/Visual support provided?

No - audio visual support is not provided, however use of the Museum's audio visual equipment is included.  It's strongly recommended that you test all A/V at least one week prior to event.




Music, Photography & Audio/Visual